I Respectfully Disagree

How to Have Difficult Conversations in a Divided World

Disagreement doesn’t have to be demeaning or dehumanizing. In this book Justin offers a transformative approach to dialogue in today's polarized climate. Instead of building up barriers, this guide illuminates the path to bridging the divide by honoring the inherent humanity in everyone, even when their views diverge widely from ours. By blending practical techniques with touching anecdotes, the book emboldens readers to communicate with both compassion and conviction, championing the belief that one can ardently oppose an ideology while still valuing the individual who holds it.

Book Cover of I Respectfully Disagree by Justin Jones-Fosue
Book cover of The Inclusive Mindset: How to Cultivate Diversity in Your Everday Life by Justin Jones-Fosu

The Inclusive Mindset

How to Cultivate Diversity in Your Everyday Life

Inclusion is not just something that you have to do, but rather who chose to be! In this book Justin takes a vulnerable approach to tackle tough topics in compassionate ways, all while inspiring deep reflection. If you want to learn, grow, and make meaningful change, no matter where you are on the journey, this book is for you. Walk with Justin as he gets to the heart of the conversation with his relevant stories, practical examples, and helpful strategies to make diversity and inclusion a part of our everyday lives!

Your Why Matters Now

How Some Achieve More
and Others Don’t

The secret to achieving more of what matters in your professional and personal life is at the intersection of your Why and Now! In Your Why Matters Now, Justin will show you how to (1) Discover Your True Why and apply it to your work and personal life. (2) Be more productive, work passionately, and live “On 10” every day, and (3) Bring meaning to your work, no matter what kind of job you have.

Book Cover of Your Why Matters Now: How Some Achieve More and Others Don't by Justin Jones-Fosu
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Our Impact

Work. Meaningful. as a company is committed to positively impacting the world around us.

We prioritize impact over income. We are building a company where we not only help people with our work, but we also give it forward with our 5% pledge. We give forward to educational initiatives on the continent of Africa and the country of the United States. We have provided clean water and are constructing a new middle school building in Justin’s dad’s home village in Ghana.

Our impact vision is to build a company that is raising and giving over one million dollars a year to educational initiatives on the continent of Africa and the country of the United States. Consider joining with us as we make our work meaningful and 100% of what you donate goes directly to the educational initiatives, because Work. Meaningful, the Foundation's Board of Directors, and some grants cover all administrative costs of the Foundation.

To Date We Have Directly Given and Helped Raise Over: $70,000