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A transformative and positive approach to inclusion (that’s about ALL of us) from a growth-minded perspective

Most organizations and professionals approach inclusion as something they have to do (an initiative).

Justin shows you how it can be something you choose to be (an identity) by answering the questions leaders often ask:


Where do I start? 


How do I fit into the conversation?


Why is this


What’s my part
to play?


How do I move the needle instead of checking the box?


Walk with Justin

as he gets to the heart of the conversation by providing helpful strategies to make inclusion a part of our everyday lives.

Justin shows you…

  • How to approach diversity and inclusion from a growth-minded perspective by understanding the difference between the Inclusive Mindset and the Exclusion Mindset.
  • Why we see people and events the way we do and what to do about it. The Circles of Grace Challenge™ is a great way to do this!
  • How to respectfully disagree with others (even when we don't feel like it).
  • How to listen deeply to others with courageous curiosity and authentic listening using the Power of 3 Method™.
  • How to use the 3x5 Beginner Allyship™ model to start learning about others and standing up for them strategically.

Experience the Power of

The Inclusive Mindset

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The case for humanity.

In my growing years, I experienced tension about who I was. I wasn’t black enough for black kids and was obviously not white.

Years later, a transformative Diversity & Inclusion seminar gave me the breakthrough - I wasn’t supposed to fit in but be a bridge across the diverse perspectives.

As an aspiring leader in my workplace, I was nominated (voluntold) to be on the Diversity & Inclusion Council. Through the work, I realized we were doing it wrong - approaching people only from the business case, and not showing how we all fit within true Inclusion.

We’ve had the business case for decades.
But the real case is that of humanity.

Leveraging my leadership, experience in Fortune 500 companies, and compelling research, I have shifted The Head-Heart-Model to The Heart-Head-Hand Model to serve leaders and teams ready to shift from doing diversity & inclusion to being diverse & inclusive everyday.

The Heart-Head-Hand Model

An inside-out approach to inclusion (without all the shame) that inspires growth and meaningful action

an illustration of The Heart Head Hand model used in diversity and inclusion consulting by Work. Meaningful.

The Heart Level

Make it personal

Engage and connect deeply through empathy-building and story seeking of your own and others’ life journey and experiences.


The Head Level

Embrace the evidence

Understand how to practically engage in the inclusion conversation, learn new concepts, and lay the foundation for a lifetime journey of learning.


The Hand Level

Act Meaningfully

Identify ways to meaningfully act in order to grow in areas of inclusion and develop a practical plan (IMP) to move forward.

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Our Solutions

In Person & Virtual

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Our Impact

Work. Meaningful. as a company is committed to positively impacting the world around us.

We prioritize impact over income. We are building a company where we not only help people with our work, but we also give it forward with our 5% pledge. We give forward to educational initiatives on the continent of Africa and the country of the United States. We have provided clean water and are constructing a new middle school building in Justin’s dad’s home village in Ghana.

Our impact vision is to build a company that is raising and giving over one million dollars a year to educational initiatives on the continent of Africa and the country of the United States. Consider joining with us as we make our work meaningful and 100% of what you donate goes directly to the educational initiatives, because Work. Meaningful, the Foundation's Board of Directors, and some grants cover all administrative costs of the Foundation.

To Date We Have Directly Given and Helped Raise Over: $70,000

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The Inclusive Mindset:

How to Cultivate Diversity in Your Everyday Life.

Diversity and Inclusion doesn't have to be hard, complicated, and full of shame/guilt to be effective in our lives! What if we are inspired to focus on how to have meaningful progress instead of focusing on the things we are not doing well? In Justin’s two decades-plus Human Resources work with clients from the Fortune 500 to fourth graders, he has learned that another approach to this critical conversation allows the reader not to be condemned but committed to real growth. This book is for Human Resources AND the everyday person who wants to build real relationships with others (including those who are different).

Book Cover of I Respectfully Disagree by Justin Jones-Fosue

Check out Justin's new book I Respectfully Disagree: How to Have Difficult Conversations in a Divided World

15 Tips

to Be an Intentionally Inclusive
Leader AND Overall Good Human

  • A practical guide to becoming a more inclusive person and leader
  • Bite size tips to help you create a more inclusive world around you
Lead Magnet: 15 Tips

15 Tips to be an Intentionally Inclusive Leader AND Overall Good Human